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Sofan Technics – Products Overview

Sofan Technics Ltd has developed a strong network of suppliers and partners that allows us to offer high quality industrial spare parts and equipment at very competitive prices.

E. Beaudrey & Cie – Water screening equipment

Since 1912, Beaudrey has specialized in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of fully customizable water screening and condenser protection equipment.

Beaudrey stop gates, trash rakes, traveling band screens, drum screens, microstrainers, pressure-line strainers, debris filters and continuous condenser tube cleaning systems have been supplied to over 80 countries worldwide.

© E. Beaudrey & Cie

For more information visit the site of the manufacturer: http://www.beaudrey.com/


Steinhoff GmbH – Steel Rolls

Today, Steinhogg GmbH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel rolls and are proud of our close relationships with small- to large-scale customers. It is our responsibility as a company to develop our great-grandfather’s legacy and to hand a company down to the next generation that is still modern. The key to this is our qualified workforce and the close technological support we provide to our customers.

A close relationship to our customers is very important to us. As a leading manufacturer of rolls we have customers all over the world and work with them closely. This close work enables us to understand our customers needs and to individually support them in the best way possible. We not only provide our customers with new rolls, but also offer a comprehensive portfolio of service and support

Steinhoff Indicative Production Range

For more information visit the site of the manufacturer: https://www.steinhoff.eu/en/


GLT GmbH – Sliding Bearings

»Sliding bearing« identifies a bearing in which a movable component, generally a shaft, a shaft extension or a guide rail, slides on top of the surface – the »slide« – of a stationary bushing, a bearing seat or a sliding strip. Sliding bearings are to support or to guide the parts movably opposed to each other as well as to absorb and transfer the occurring forces. The sliding movement takes place between the bearing box and the supported component. GLT Bearings GmbH is made up of two different specialised brands. GLT is the brand name for high-quality, wrapped maintenance-free sliding bearings, wrapped maintenance-bound sliding bearings and sintered sliding bearings. The LHG brand focuses on solid sliding bearings, plastic sliding bearings, inner tension bushings and spherical plain bearings/rod ends, sliding plates and support bearings. Together as GLT Bearings GmbH, they meet all of your sliding bearing technology needs with a comprehensive product range and offer you the most complete package for sliding bearings in Europe.

© GLT GmbH

GLT and its sister company LHG most likely offer the widest range of sliding bearings in Europe!

For more information visit the site of the manufacturer: https://www.glt-bearings.com/en/


SIG SpA – Conveyor Belts

SIG is one of the most important active and all-around European producers of rubber conveyor and elevator belts. With an experience of more than 50 years of manufacturing, SIG worldwide supplies high quality rubber belts with synthetic and steel cord carcass in all industrial fields where handling of bulk solid materials is required.

For more information visit the site of the manufacturer http://www.sig.it/en/


Equipment for power stations

We are in contact with manufacturers of industrial equipment for power stations. These include:

  • Custom made electric motors for heavy industrial use.
  • Electro-hydraulic valves and similar equipment.


Equipment for mining and metal processing industries

For companies in these fields, Sofan Technics can supply following:

  • Couplings
  • Brakes, linings and brake pads
  • Special bearings and housings.


As a result of being a flexible company with extensive knowledge of the Greek and European market, we can serve our customers in the best possible way and provide tailored solutions to their needs. At the same time, we are always open to new collaborations so that we can further expand our business activities.